Monday, September 10, 2012

The Follow Up Ultrasound

Today was my follow up ultrasound.  The reason for this was because at the last one the doctor suspected a small hole in our son's heart.  I got a sitter for the Genius and the Professor and took the Hippie with me on a date (of sorts).  I was not a bit nervous for this appointment until I woke up today.  Then I was...nervous.  Very nervous.  It seems like we have never really had a calm during this pregnancy.  The nurse spent a LOT of time measuring his heart, listening to his heart, taking pictures of his heart.  I think it was about 30 minutes of nothing but heart footage.  I was starting for feel pretty icky.  Eventually she had all she needed and she spent about 10 minutes showing of the baby to the Hippie and I as well as measuring fluid levels etc...  She scored some amazing profile pictures of our baby boy!

In the second pic, he actually has 1 finger pointing.  He was SO cute! We saw him moving and grooving all over the place.  We saw him swallow fluid and turn his head.  We saw his arm bones, leg bones, finger bones.  It is miraculous!  At the end of the appointment the doctor came back in and said that the baby is breech, but that he has plenty of time left to flip himself.  He does still have the hole in his heart but they do believe it is a small hole (thank you God).  At some point, the hole should simply heal itself and close up on its own.  At their practice though they practice with caution.  So I coming back every month for a follow up ultrasound.  I also have to go to a Children's Hospital for a pediatric cardiologist to do an ultrasound of his heart.  I am actually thankful for their caution.  Especially since none of these are invasive procedures.  Plus it means we get to keep seeing our baby boy. 
Thanks to everyone who has been praying for our son!  What I experienced today just reinforces that we have chosen the right name for him.  No one but my husband and I will hear the name until he is born.  It is a privilege we give the older siblings.  At his birth they will get to be the first ones in and the first ones to share his name with everyone. 
3 months and 11 days until his official due date.  We cannot wait to meet you Buddy!!!!

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so glad for the good news!