Monday, September 24, 2012

Good News to Start the Week!

I had the ultrasound for the baby today.  This was a special ultrasound with a Pediatric Cardiologist.  I was stressed about the appointment.  The doctor kept reassuring me this was a normal follow up, but I was nervous.  I asked my dad to drive me.  We got there and I was called back pretty quickly.  The tech spent about 45 minutes trying to get all the pictures and images of our sons heart.  At one point I asked her if everything looked ok and she said the doctor would tell me.  Of course that made me more nervous.  She had told me that the doctor would come in and look over the images and that he would not say much.  So after 45-60 minutes of constant scanning the doctor came in.  He began looking through everything.  After about 10 minutes he asked me to gather my things and follow him to a consultation room.  I take a seat and he starts asking me if there was any history of brain or kidney or heart trouble with any of our kids.  I literally feel like I am passing out.  I feel like the room is tipping and I am bracing for news that will rock my world.  My hands are gripping this table to keep from falling over.  Then he whips out photos of a normal heart.  I am choking up and barely able to speak.  After talking for another minute he says that our son does indeed have a hole in his heart but that it is small and he is not worried.  He wants to do an ultrasound when the baby is a week old and that's it!  He said to enjoy our "precious Christmas gift".  Now those are orders I can follow!