Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Infantino Review

Are you familiar with Infantino?  They make items for babies and toddlers.  All kids of wonderful things can be found on their site.  The Professor has several of their toys.  These have been two of his favorites since he was born.  Especially the chime toys.  They make this pretty musical sound and when he was smaller we could velcro them to his little feet or wrists so he did not lose them.

I was sent the Cloud Shopping Cart Cover to review.  I was extremely excited because I have always wanted one of these!  Here is a photo of the Cart Cover I was sent.
When we received it we could not wait for a chance to try it out.  The girls were off school Monday so we loaded up and took off for lunch.  We went to a pizza joint and I cringed when I saw the high chair...til I remembered we came armed with our new Infantino Cart Cover.  Their cover works on carts AND high chairs!  My husband fit it over the high chair and instantly the Professor had a safe and germ free location to play and eat his oatmeal.  After lunch we went grocery shopping and the Professor was styling as he rode around in his new cart cover.  I love the print, love the ease of use and love the protection it provides.  It even has loops so you can attach some toys for your little one.  I am so thankful to have one of these for the Professor.  If you are looking for some new items for your little one, or for a gift for someone else, I encourage you to check out Infantino


StephieD said...

When I was pregnant with Monster I bought an Infantino sling... Yep, the ones which where recalled. I sent it in for a replacement cart cover. It was the best decision I ever made! I am always using that thing since most stores don't have the harness straps on their carts and Monster likes to try to stand up just as I take my eyes off him to get something off the shelf! Did yours come in the little plastic zip top bag? I keep mine stored in there in the trunk of my car so it's always with me when I'm out and about! :)

*Ross and Katy* said...

I have been looking for "must-have" baby items and I've seen this listed a few times. Would you agree that we need to put this on our baby registry? I get weirded out by all of the germ sharing too.

Kristen & Cliff said...

Steph - Yes it did! I should have mentioned that because it was another great feature..and the seatbelt too. I love knowing he is the only one who touched it.
Katy- Yes I would. It is so much cleaner. The only potential downside is that it would be a tad hard to put on alone while holding a baby by yourself, but it IS easy to put on. But as a mommy you get used to juggling. I LOVE this thing!