Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 Batches

Yesterday I sent my second cooler full of frozen breastmilk off to the milk bank!  I keep forgetting to take pictures because I get so excited!  My first shipment was 19 pounds of frozen milk.  If the Internet is correct and a gallon of milk weighs a bit over 8 pounds, then my first shipment contained 2 gallons of breastmilk.  Pretty amazing and much less painful than donating blood!  I must say, it is nice having our freezer space back too.  I have just 4 bags in the freezer now.  

I am really proud of myself because I am passing my previous milestone for length of time breastfeeding.  This is officially the longest I have gone.  The Professor continues to thrive too!  He is eating oatmeal 2-3 times a day and is not showing an interest in much else.  He is sitting up unassisted and crawling around.  So far he cannot crawl long distances but he finds plenty to get into in our living room.  Most nights he is still sleeping 10-11 hours.  He has had his first illness and is (mostly) back to being his healthy self!  He is 6 months old and weighs 18.14 pounds and was 26" long.  He seems big to us, but according the growth chart, he is quite smallish.  Hopefully we will get some 6 month photos soon and I will post them.  Til then, Happy 6 months Professor!  We love you!


Trinka said...

Congrats on your donation!!! I testify to complete accuracy in the description of the Professor. He is a happy, fun little fellow!

The Trophy Wife said...

How did you find the milk bank? How does it work? I have about 10 gallon sized freezer bags full in my deep freeze that are just taking up a ton of space and need a good home because I just keep adding more.

Kristen & Cliff said... Here is the link to the milk bank that I use. I sure hope you are able to donate! It is hard to find a more worthy cause!

Sara said...

Kristen, I have about 180 oz. pumped that I don't think Stephen is going to use. I've tried to give it to him since his surgery and he just spits it out. :( I would love to donate. Is there a minimum amount that they require? I know I did have a very tiny amount of beer to help with supply, so I am worried that might rule it out. But I just cry everytime I open the freezer, so I'd like it to go to someone who needs it!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Sara - I am so sorry about your struggle. You are such a good Mommy!
No, there is no minimum. You can go through the process and be a one time donor. The only things you need to tell them is if you were taking any medications or herbal supplements etc... Other than that your milk is screened. I hope you are able to turn this into something amazing and help some tiny babies. It is incredible of you to just even be thinking about it with all you have been through.