Wednesday, December 28, 2011

House Hunting

We have been looking for homes in the town where my husband will be working.  It has been so much! Today we fell in love with a home!  We still have more to look at though and I cannot wait to see more. 
When you look at a home what is on your "must have" list?


Stacia said...

My must haves would be 2 full baths, dishwasher and an actual laundry room with a table along the wall so I can fold clothes and a place to hang clothes that I don't dry. Fireplace, garage, big backyard.
the list could go on and on lol!

Trinka said...

Indoor plumbing. :)

What's on your list?

*Ross and Katy* said...

how exciting! if I were going to buy a house I would insist that the washer/dryer were near the bedrooms! I know that sounds silly, but ours is on the first level and the bedrooms are on the second level and sometimes it would be much easier not to have to carry laundry up and down the stairs. I hope you find the perfect house for your family :)

Belinda said...

Lots of storage!!!

Em said...

Fenced backyard, bigger than 1500 sq ft, 4 bed rooms because of our kids' special needs they can't share rooms. Anything else like carpet, ceiling fans, etc. We could work with, but those 3 things would have to be the basis!